Tuesday, April 12, 2011

b.i.n.k.y. h.o.l.d.e.r.s.

Brown and teal binky holder.


  1. Hi Kylee!

    It's Luci from the ward :-). This is on the wrong post but I'd love to have you make me a watch! What is the best way to create one together? Should I come into your shop (I've been wanting to but just haven't gotten around to it) or your house?

    Thanks Kylee!


  2. Hey you can just text me and we can figure it out. My number is 801-372-9467. you can come down to the shop if you want, or you can tell me the colors and look you want and I can come up with something and send you a picture? Either way...whatever is easiest for you..Thanks Luci!